I am doing it! I am creating my own product! That's crazy 😁 and I am scared as hell. But let's setup the computer and start working.

What did I accomplish today?

First, I started with a little bit of inspiration. Open Inkscape and throw some images from unsplash.com and text.

Playing with Inkscape and a couple of images from unsplash.com

After 30 minutes, I jumped to the icon. Looking into several options, I went for classical "put a box in the first letter" approach. Thinking on fonts, I stayed with Proza Libre for the logo. The result:

Kalena logo

Ok. Now the web: A small create-react-app project using gitlab and netlify.

For the app I just put the logo in the middle and throw a couple of divs with a radial gradient background. The colors was just the upload of one image from unsplash to kuler (now color.adobe.com).

And voila

That was for the first day.

If you have any idea or feedback, please reach out in twitter at @guillermooo