Google Calendar, React, Frontend Architecture, Offline or PWA. Most of the technical unknown-unknowns are solve. It is time to go back to the product and plan the next steps.

It is very challenging to explain what Kalena is. After trying to do it for the last few months, my only conclusion was actually to build and MVP.

Now the question is how to present this to the rest of the people.

The first idea was to have a product page:

Initial idea of the product page

However, that does not transmit the feeling I want to transmit.

The second option I research was to jump directly into a tutorial, but I hate tutorials.

The last option was to have an intro. To have a home page, that shows the features in the real project while enabling the user to add its data:

Initial design of the intro screen

That was all for today. If you have any feedback, let me know at @guillermooo.