One month already, and looking back, I felt in a trap that I promise myself I will not fall again: Start coding without designs.

Maybe it was that I didn't code for the last four years and I missed or that I lied to my self and said that everything was clear, and doing the design in the code was going to be faster. Anyhow, It is time to put the designer's hat.

Week View

Wouldn't be nice to see all your week in a second? How much time am I spending really at work? Am I forgetting about meeting friends? When was the last time I went to the doctor?

I expect a good calendar app to answer these questions. Sadly, it is plain impossible with the current solutions to get that information quickly.

So after trying different concepts, the one that I liked the most is this one:

Week View

Here we can see where I spent the time during the week. Also the proportion of it.

If you select one area of your life, for example, work:

The app focuses directly on your work calendar, adjusting the date and time range. Did you ever wonder how much of your time at the office is spent in meetings? How many hours per week do you spent in transport?

This is where the week context view kicks in:

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