What did I accomplish today?

Today I starting defining the architecture of the Frontend. I had a drawing of the main elements of the main view, so it was moving from design (or crappy design/concept), to architecture, to code.

A simple design done one month ago

Then start having an idea by drawing by hand the UI. This enabled me to better structure the different components of the react app.

Fast drawing

And then I started coding:

First code of Kalena App

Having a result of this:

First structure of the app

The rest of the day, I prepare a talk I will present next Thursday @Tourlane organize by Unicorns in Tech and the awesome Francesca.

If you are in Berlin, Tourlane just finish its series C for 42$M so it's a nice opportunity to pass by, hear the talks and say congrats.

If you have any idea or improvement to this blog series, drop me a line at @guillermooo