Today the main focus was withing the development environment.

New Desk

My old monitor has more than 10 years and the brightness was too low on sunny days. So I started looking for a 4k monitor. After initial research, I found the LG 43ud79. I put enough effort to almost reach decision paralysis. Pros: Huge, USB-c, nice speakers. Cons: Huge to the point of possible neck pain.

I considered that my use case was going to be a bit different. I use paper and pencil almost constantly, so having more space in the desk sounds good. I use a surface for drawing or A3 paper, so having some distance to the monitor was common already.  So let's give it a try.

Desk status

Thanks to Netlify, I was able to setup a new domain within seconds and configure to deploy a new branch: Now is life and for everyone to check.

If you remember from Day 3 I started using storybook. So I though it could be nice to also publish that, so I also prepare

Deployment of storybook over

Window resizing support

Thanks to the React Hooks, this was easier than anticipated.

I created an effect called useWindowSize and use it in the component directly. React Hooks are really nice.

And here the result:

Resize support

Thanks for reading. If you have any feedback let me know on twitter.