Week & Days

Implemented the view for weeks and days. Not too much mystery as it was copy paste from the previous.


I also added a cursor to always know which date range is selected.

Right Click

For zooming in, it really feels natural to click in the date range that you are interested in. But for zooming out is not so easy. After playing a little bit, the right click feels really natural in case you have a mouse with at least two buttons.

The implementation was easy, but the result is quite nice:

Now I am curious about how I can capture the scroll events. If you know, write me on @guillermo.


I experience some pain in React while handling the state in different components. Basically, it was chaos. I did no longer knew who was the owner of which state or who is responsible for handling which event. So I spent most of the day cleaning up the code and centralizing the actions in the reducer.

Right now the components are really light, and the view layer is totally decoupled from the controller layer. Let's see how long it last.